Edie taught me how to overcome a lifetime of wear and tear that ultimately led to my back going out during non-strenuous movements. She was able to offer me the skills to rehabilitate my body where many others had not. Edie’s knowledge of the body and its functioning are exceptional and her ability to guide me through the challenging, complex, and often frustrating tasks of rehabilitating my twisted body are second to none.

Through our work together I am no longer in constant pain, regained the ability to run and jump, got slightly taller, and dramatically improved my athletic performance (I surf and ski at challenging and dangerous levels and no training technique I have ever used compares to Edie’s training in terms of improving my sports abilities- healthy alignment and movement work!).  Through gaining a healthier alignment and getting things in position I have been shocked at the progress we have made.  Most importantly, she taught me how to move in ways that rehabilitate me throughout my daily life.  Tears of joy.

I work as part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team (including physical therapists, physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, etc.) treating chronic pain patients who remain in debilitating pain despite completing all medical interventions available to them. I have had the ability to work with very talented PT’s in an effort to serve people suffering from severe, intractable pain conditions.  I have also been chronically ill throughout my entire adult life and have personally worked with a range of medical professionals during my own suffering.  In addition to Edie’s comprehensive body work knowledge, she carries a nurturing, healing, and patient manner that really helped me learn and do the work of healing.

Lastly, the neuromuscular learning involved in physical therapy requires a significant amount of relaxation and focus.  Edie’s office is tranquil and serves as a wonderful platform for the work to unfold.  Other PT offices can be chaotic and loud, and I have found my healing with Edie in her healing work space.

If you are hurting, please relax, call Edie, pay attention, and do the work!

    Benjamin Corsbie, Psy.D  – Psychologist Specializing in Pain Management, Skier & Surfer

Edie helped me with back pain and with post-surgical knee rehabilitation. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to help my patients.

    Julie Nickelsen, M.D. Family Practice

After knee surgery, my work with Edie brought me back again to dance. She also transformed my thinking about my body by teaching me a new and informed way of using my joints. Consequently, ten years later, I’m still participating in dance in a full way, both performing and teaching.

    Joe Goode – Dancer/Choreographer

I had an injury in what I thought was my left lat but, after seeing Edie, discovered it was in my shoulder. She looks at the body as a whole to find out what is wrong, teaches you how to fix it and even supplies pictures and step by step instructions for each exercise.

My nagging problem is now healing and I am able to do things that previously caused pain. I would highly recommend Edie to anyone in any kind of bodily discomfort…don’t wait until you’re body is ruined to fix it!

    Desmond S.

I’ve had chronic pains for the majority of my life, have seen many massage therapists, two bodywork specialists, four chiropractors and two physical therapists. Hands down, Edie is the best, with a vastly deeper understanding of how the body works than all the others I’ve tried. She identified my core problem within a few seconds of looking at me, something no one else had ever seen! When I first went to her, I could not put on my boots or tie them without some serious pain, I couldn’t run, and generally had hip/butt/leg/ankle pain 24/7. Within two months of daily exercises prescribed by Edie, I was pain-free much of the time. Within six months I was running and jumping again! I put in the work to make this happen, but knowing that I was doing the right exercises made all the difference in the world for motivation. Recently I had a fall and really locked-up my lower back. One visit with Edie and I was feeling better than I had in months, experiencing a freer gait, finding it easier to hold good posture. Thank you Edie!!!

My wife also has seen Edie a couple of times recently, and the short routine Edie gave her has lifted years of chronic upper back and shoulder tension.

Go see this woman if you have body pains. She’s a master!

    Brien B.

If it were not for Edie, I would still be suffering knee pain. I was misdiagnosed at the emergency room and Edie recommended an MRI and she was correct about the nature of my problem. Her years of experience are so valuable. I was treated with respect, care and concern that exceeded anything I have ever experienced before. She has so many tools she can access that my recovery was faster than I thought.

I would recommend Edie to anyone.

    Marta M – Executive Administrator

Being a yoga teacher, I have assembled a pretty impressive crew of physical therapists, body workers, chiropractors & healers. When I had tendinitis in my elbows and shoulders, everyone pretty much agreed that it was from my posture and sitting at a desk….but it was only Edie who took it up a notch, and figured out it was because of my walk. It was nagging for months, but with her help, it cleared up in just a couple weeks. She is truly amazing, and should be the starting point to troubleshoot any issues you are having with your body.

    Steve R – Yoga Instructor

Edie is excellent at what she does.  She helped me more than any other PT I have seen over the years to recover from total knee replacement (2 years ago)  and triple back fusion (6 years ago).  I worked with  Edie twice a week for 5 months on my new knee. When I began I could not walk for more than 5 minutes daily.  Now I can walk for an hour almost every day without  any pain. I was also very weak after both surgeries so building back my strength was important and Edie helped me do that both. She gave me clear and written exercises to take home and work on. I would highly recommend her to one and all.

    Laura Boxer – Financial Consultant

My general medical doctor recommended I come here for therapy regarding a terrible back issue.  After the first treatment I felt better. Ms. Murphy taught me exercises that helped to stabilize and strengthen my core muscles.  She has helped me with a recent hamstring/gluteal muscle strain that seemed to never recover.  She has taught me how to move and function in a helpful manner that helps me to maintain optimum health.  I HIGHLY recommend this facility which is organized and clean with all the required equipment to facilitate the bodies correct functioning.

    Suzanne N – Financial Officer, Hiker, Runner

Edie Murphy has changed my life and is fabulous! She believes in working in small increments so you remain comfortable as your body improves. She is patient, knowledgable, explains things extremely well and sends you home with drawings, instructions and encouragement. She realizes you’ll need things repeated and explains the physiology and reasons you need to do something so you understand it fully. She’s a gem and I’m telling all my friends how much she has changed my life and made me more comfortable in just a few sessions and looking forward to her improving my quality of life dramatically as we continue to work together.

    Joyce Brown – Outreach Director for a Veterinary Hospital, Dog Walker, Hiker, Gardener

After a year of nagging hip pain, two visits to Kaiser, and hundreds of dollars spent on chiropractic care and one-on-one Pilates instruction, I was referred to Edie.  In the first session, she told me that it was likely that I had a torn labrum (cartilage) of the hip, and she wrote a letter to my Kaiser doc designed to trigger Kaiser to give me an MRI.  A week and an MRI later, the diagnosis was confirmed.  Edie really knows her stuff and takes the time to listen and educate.  I feel that we’ve formed a very effective partnership that has facilitated a great deal of improvement in my condition, without surgery.  In addition to being highly skilled, Edie is very compassionate and nurturing–the antithesis of the cold, impersonal medical care that’s become standard fare, unfortunately.

    Emily H, Attorney – Yoga Enthusiast

I’ve worked with Edie on problems with my back, neck, and arms. She does a great job of diagnosing root cause issues and designing a program that produces results within a relatively short period of time.  She’s also good at providing exercises to maintain the improvement that you can do on your own.  Further, Edie is committed to keeping up with emerging tools and techniques in order to provide her clients with the best care possible.  Altogether, a great experience that I highly recommend.

    Jeff Feren – IT Professional

If you have an orthopedic problem, especially one that just won’t go away, you should run, not walk, to see Edie. She has been helping me on and off for 25 year and  I don’t know what I would have done without her. Last summer I dislocated my shoulder. Because I now live in Sonoma County I tried a couple other PTs first, but I wasn’t making all that much progress, so last week I drove to Oakland (an hour each way) to see her.  I will do it again next month for a followup. If there is any PT on the planet who can help you, it’s Edie.

    Gail G – Writer

When I first came to see Edie, I had already tried a lot of P.T. because of herniated discs, and yet I was still feeling too much pain in my back even to be touched. Edie taught me to use the breathing, posture, and movement of my flute playing as a therapeutic tool. Thanks to her, I’m no longer a chronic pain patient!

    Helen Conroy – Attorney, Flutist, Swimmer

I first injured my low back playing golf about ten years ago. My doctor recommended immediate spinal surgery for a herniated disc, but I wanted to find another way to heal. Thanks to Edie’s assessment, insight, and unique combination of skills as a hands-on healer and teacher, I learned how to manage my condition so that now I’m mostly pain free. I also play a safer, more skillful game of golf.

    John Brosnahan – Attorney, Business Management Consultant, Golfer