COVID-19 Precautions

I reopened my practice in Mid-June 2020 after an extended closure due to COVID-19.

I have been paying close attention to physicians and scientists about best practices to reduce the spread of the virus. I will keep myself informed as things change in the scientific understanding of this disease. We now know the large and small particles in the air after someone sneezes, sings, talks or even breaths are of most concern. The amount of time of exposure + the concentration of droplets one breaths in, effects the likelihood that exposure will lead to infection. The droplets on surfaces can be mitigated by frequent thorough handwashing as well as disinfecting surfaces between patients. I am attempting to mitigate the air-born risks with 2 HEPA filters, good circulation and above all, well-fitting masks.


My practices related to mitigating COVID-19 risks for all of us:

  1. For in-person sessions, we usually talk for 5-15 minutes at the beginning, and more on the first visit. Please pull straight into my driveway and at the appointment time and call me. We will decrease our in-person talking time by you updating me on your condition/symptoms on the phone or in the yard. Then I’ll ask you to come on in.
  2. Please wear a well-fitting mask, form-fitting the bridge of your nose, from the time you enter my gate until you leave. If you are having problems with your shoes and I need to watch you walk in them, we may do that in the yard. When you enter the building, leave your street shoes outside or just inside the door of the building. Bring slippers or shoes not worn outside if you wish. After entering the building, please stop in the restroom to wash your hands.
  3. Before you enter my treatment room, I may take your temperature with a forehead no-contact thermometer or measure your oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter or both. If your temperature is over 99.9 degrees F, we will not have a session.
  4. Inside my office I will have 2 HEPA filters running, and in warm weather two windows open for a cross breeze and a fan venting air from the inside out. I will be wearing a well-fitting mask. Before you get there, I will have disinfected every surface that one would normally touch in the office and bathroom.
  5. Please shower on the day of your appointment and wear freshly laundered clothes.
  6. Also, please bring one clean sheet and a throw cover or second sheet. We will use your sheet on the treatment table or on the floor for exercises.
  7. Please do not schedule an appointment after air travel sooner than 14 days after you arrive home.
  8. I will only see people in-person who maintain mask wearing and physical distancing in public and who choose not to go into group gatherings.