Evaluation Rate: $250

Session Rate: $200

Cancellation & Illness Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please call my office at, 510-451-5560 by 8:00 AM on the previous business day to avoid the full charge. If I am able to schedule another person in that time slot, I will not charge you. However, when cancellations are last minute, I am not often able to fill them.

As I am in close physical contact with clients during the treatment, I will not treat people when they are sick. It is not an effective time for a person to be treated, and it leaves me vulnerable to becoming sick myself. If you are sick two days before your appointment, please call me to reschedule instead of waiting to see if you feel better in time. If you wake up on the morning of your appointment, and realize you are ill, please call me to reschedule as soon as you know.

Please Be Scent-Free

I am not able to treat people who arrive for their appointments wearing scents. I develop migraines, sometimes within minutes of exposure to scented products such as creams, hair products, soaps, essential oils, lotions and perfumes. This can lower my threshold for having migraine headaches, and can leave me feeling sick for up to a week.

If you accidentally arrive wearing a scent, you may shower during part of your treatment time and I will treat you if I can no longer notice the scent. However, if I am unable to treat you, you will still be responsible for payment of my treatment fee.

Please note that if a scented product is worn habitually, often the person wearing it, doesn’t experience it as strongly scented. If you are one who feels naked without your perfume, it may be a better option for you to seek care elsewhere.

However if you can remember to arrive for treatment unscented on your body or clothing, I’d love to be of service to you. Unscented personal products are available at Whole Foods as well as many other stores. Thank you in advance for your business and for your cooperation with this policy.


Most insurers require a physician’s written prescription for Physical Therapy. They pay only for services that demonstrate measurable gains toward adequate functioning. They usually do not cover services intended to help the patient avoid re-injury, maintain progress, or achieve true wellness and optimal functioning.

Unfortunately, I am not a Medicare provider. Therefore, neither Medicare nor other supplemental policies will reimburse for my services. This is because my office building was built under residential building codes; not business codes. This does not have anything to do with my Physical therapy licensing credentials.

I do not submit insurance claims and wait for reimbursement. I expect payment at the time of the service either by cash, checks, or major credit cards. Clients/patients are responsible for submitting insurance claims for themselves. I help patients obtain insurance reimbursement whenever possible by providing an invoice with two copies; one for your records and the other to file with your claim form. Please note that the law requires a physician’s diagnosis for all Physical Therapy. However, for those who are uninsured for P.T., or choose to self-pay, a physician’s prescription may not be necessary.