My goal is to help clients achieve and maintain their optimal stability, mobility,
strength, balance, coordination and freedom from pain in order to
participate in the activities they love.


While the primary focus is on physical treatment, I also offer emotional support and the healing power of a peaceful setting. Patients who are highly motivated can make progress here even after disappointments elsewhere.

You will find me willing to listen, to help you slow down, and to see you as an integrated whole rather than a collection of symptoms

Most people receive very little information from their schooling to help them understand their body’s messages when they are subtle. Too often, pain becomes the wake up call telling us something needs to change because we’re moving through the world in a way that makes us hurt. I see myself as an educator and a guide. I will help you interpret your symptoms, understand where they come from, and see how they are related. Your goals will be at the center of our treatment sessions, setting the pace and content of the treatment process.


You will learn to heal yourself through movement.